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  1. That's good. Glad you like it. I have yet to try it myself, I guess your liking of it gives me more reason to get it.

    Oh and... I can't help but notice "Skycrawlers"... just so you know (if you didn't know already): There's a Skycrawlers Wii game. The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces: Nintendo Wii: Video Games

    I heard it's pretty good.
  2. I just gotta thank you for the Rabbids suggestion. Maybe its because its the first game I've owned that I've really gotten into. I didn't get it at first, but now I cant keep away. I've even started talking to my friends in Rabbid jibb'rish.
  3. You ain't so much confrontational as you are different in thinking.
    Often leading to arguments not usually started by you, or starting arguments against "popular ideas".

    You're just not part of the usual mold you see around AO's parts.
    A bit too real for some people.

    People just see you as intimidating.
  4. I would request you... but.. you said it had to be people you could get along with, Some how I have developed this label of CONFRONTATIONAL. Just don't know Sosh. Don't know If I could be trusted to be friendly.
  5. I only offer my friendship to those I either
    A) Know I can get along with
    B) Remember them from... something.

    ^^; Who knows, a newbie can totally fool me and make me thing they're within my choice of B...
    Other than that, I don't make a good friend to new kids. I either blab too much for them, or have no idea what all these new fangled animes they're talking about.
  6. Why is it you only have a small handfull of friends? Got aceman syndrome? Or do you just not accept the zillions of noob offeres (I am sure you are offered noobian love. because no one is spared)
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