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  1. If I'm a member of 13 forums, 46 online girls isn't that many.
  2. 46??!?!?! O_o
    Holy shit!

    ... btw the link worked for me xD
  3. Nope, didn't do it either. But it's okay, looked it up and found it on

    Pretty awesome. ^_^ Thanks!

    ... And no, I don't call it my internet years cuz it's my "college years". It IS my college years, but my internet years are long gone.
    Back then, I was a member to over 13 forums, and consistently posting in them. Had a deviantart, livejournal, deadjournal, bravejournal. Had 3 angelfire websites. Was a mod in one forum. Drew webcomics daily. "Dated" 46 online girls at the same time. Made bookmarks for people to download and print. And had over 10,000 downloaded songs.

    ........ it's funny how I'm awful with names and dates, yet I can remember all that.

    Yeah, no way is this still my internet years.
  4. Nope, Error on trying to download, and Error on trying to go through the site.
    Hate it when that happens.
  5. right now are your college days?
    lets hope this works
  6. Sure thing! Awesomeness.
    Haven't heard some techno in a while, been listening to all the other genres I missed out during my internet years.
  7. I can send you and mp3 [or link] that I like! It's techno, and it's awesome.
    it's zoids - fuzor's song.
  8. Techno mostly. I wanted to create more jazzy tunes, but I could never figure out how to elongate a certain note.
    I had no idea what most of the doo-hickeys were in a synthesizer, I just experimented until I got the result I liked!
  9. Poophead >_<

    what music did you make? techno?
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