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  1. Too bad, I always do. I hate my old work.
    ...unless it's music-related.

    ... I miss the old songs I used to make on FruityLoops (synthesizer program).

    *sigh* If my old angelfire websites were still around, I'd be able to download my old songs again.
  2. I agree with her!
    Dont throw them away >_<
  3. That was in my old computer...
    Old old old computer.
    o_o So long ago...

    That was when I used to have a deviantArt! My art sucked, but I posted them anyways!

    Now I don't even remember my deviant account. And even if I found it, I'd delete it. I'm always ashamed of my old works (that's why Abu has to keep my old works if she likes them, cuz she knows I'll throw them away the instant I get my hands on them).
  4. You trouble making kid

    You should post your comics then!
  5. The mods have too much other members to worry about that they wouldn't remember me.

    I don't exactly remember what I did. All I know is that in my comic, I called out the mods of AO, claiming that they didn't have a right to delete one of my posts. They responded, showing the rules to me. I agreed with the rules but I claimed I was an exception to the rule.
    ... "no such thing as an exception to the rule in AO, kid" is one thing I remember from that conversation.

    I fought tooth and nail and eventually got fed up and continued posting other journal entries while ignoring that one...
    ...funnily enough, some of the mods thought my other comics were pretty funny.

    I made so much anime-referenced comics back in the day. ^-^ Ahhh, the memories.
  6. So not even the mods know? =O
    What did you do .. O_o
  7. I think so. I was with 5 other forums at the time, so I get confused between forum names.
    ...all I know is that one of my comics caused a ruckus with the forums back in the olden days of AO!
    ^^; I'm always scared someone will recognize me. I don't remember my old username, but I'm always scared that if they figure out who I was they'll all be like "IT'S YOUUU!!!! THAT BRAT!!!!"

  8. OoooOOoOOoOO O_o
    Hey doesn't that remind you of Megan?
  9. Oh, and len posted while he was at work I believe!
    AO's not so old that it's as old as Len in college!
  10. ^_^ AO sure does! I wasn't with it all the time though... I was in other forums.
    I was almost banned from AO for a while back in the day! Caused a fuss against the moderators in the old Journal section.
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