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  1. Flapjack! Hey! Flapjack! Come with me, we'll go n' see a place called Candied Island!

    Who needs Candied Island? It's safer at the docks.

    But there ain't no streams of sodie pop go drippin' down the rocks.

    It's dangerous and risky. -
  2. Teh Gatez R Open.
  3. We're home! 0P3Ι\Ι 73l-l Gates!

    Cant wait 2 see ur town!
  4. Thank goodness, I was out shopping anyway.
  5. Hey Sazuka! Abu got her times mixed up. She 4got that we actually get home around 5pm nowadays. Just wanted 2 tell ya.
    We should be home soon, so be sure to open your gates within half an hour or so!,

    Thankie pankie!
    -sk (making his bill larger by going on the net thru his phone)
  6. We need to show off how much fun we're having and we need competitions!

    thanks to your donation I paid off my debts! Now I can splurge!
  7. Hey! Put me on your AC friends' list so I can send you letters!

    ...when I get enough things ready in my town, you can visit!

    Oh, and force Shinku to get Animal Crossing! We need more AO members in this!

    Come to Narnia!
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