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  1. Indeed, most do. But this is for me personally, not in general. Because any martial art is a personal journey. ^.^
  2. Well I think every martial art offers that aspect, lol.
  3. Like I said, I enjoy the art as a whole.
    I suppose if you want me to be specific, I love being able to adapt to any situation and defend myself without hesitation of the body OR mind. I've tried other martial arts, but JKD helped me to open my mind fully and be able to really think in a fight. ^.^
  4. So you don't even know what you like particularly about it?
  5. I can't say I have a favorite technique in particular... I enjoy the martial art as a whole. ^.^ It's very challenging, for sure!
  6. Wow, that's amazing, what is your favorite technique? Mine HIA.
  7. yep! I sure do.
    I started taking lessons about..... 6 years ago I think.
    I lost a lot of weight practicing it, too.
  8. You seriously practice Jeet Kune Do ?
  9. XD That's awesome!
    Yeah, I'm very laid back... Sort of go with the flow... Unpredictable... A bit of a smart ass... And I practice the same martial art... And I found out I own the same gun as Spike... I actually had no idea until my buddy told me about it!! LOL!
  10. I'm like Jet myself, I think alot and I'm a great cook. ^^
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