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  1. lol he is nervous XD waaa so cute X3 and it is ok he will get use to his new home ^,^ ... i hope it will be fun yay! thanks , and mum and dad have some work in other country so they won't be at my birthday party T-T but i will make sure that they buy me something BIG LOL becasue they won't be at my birthday party XD lol .... =^_^=
  2. I should teach him to talk a little! He makes cute chirpy noises, lol. He's still nervous because it's his first time out of the pet store XD Yay I bet your birthday will be fun!~ Wow your parents will be gone for a month? Where do they get to go, if you don't mind me asking. ^.^
  3. WOW a parakeet and green waaa so cute you should learn him some words XD ... the mall party always more fun than the big party XD Nu~ ... T,T in my birthday party i will be alone this year T,T mum and dad well be not at home for a month and so my one of my brothers i will do it with my crazy sister LOL don't tell her that and my other brother and some friends i hope it will be fun XD yay! .. =^_^=
  4. My birthday party was more of a small get together with good friends and family. ^.^ My husband got me a parakeet for my birthday! It's cute and green! ^.^ My family made me a really yummy meal too. ^.^
  5. XD you are welcome ^^ , Yam Yam cake XD hahahah and Yam Yam sprinkles on it !! hahahah LOL , XD it is good that you enjoyed it .. so how was your birthday party if may i ask ^^ .. =^_^=
  6. Awww thank you for the birthday wishes! <3
    I did enjoy the cake! haha! It had sprinkles on it :3
  7. Happy Birthday !!! ...
    i know we haven't talked to each other bu we did talked on the thread that i made LOL XD so~ happy birthday ^^ i wish all your dreams come true ^,^ enjoy the cake X3 ... and Hi ! .. =^_^=
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