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  1. Yeah, the email I used for AO I no longer use XD I was flipping through some of my bookmarks and saw AO and thought... Dang I better log in and check it out! Congrats on medical school! It must be a lot of work. I'm in my third year of art school... Finally decided to pursue that. Anyway, have a nice day, and I'll catch you later!
  2. I'm heading out for my pathophysiology class, so I will catch you later. I hope to see your presence more here at AO. Please stay.
  3. We missed you as well. I remember sending individual emails to AO members that I was fond of (including you) several months back, requesting them to make a return and those who responded came back with a "maybe". It was sad.

    I have been splendid, thank you for asking. I'm reaching third year in medical school, but I am trying my best to make some time for AO. How have you been?
  4. Thanks! It's been AGES. Been a crazy few years for me! I missed AO T___T How have you been?
  5. Great to see you here, Spike'sRose! I hope that you are doing well.
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