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  1. Really? What languages do you know?
    I have a friend who knows Spanish, French, Italian, English, Mandarin, and is working on Korean @_@ haha
  2. aww... i always wanted to learn manderin... But i know too many laguages already
  3. I speak Mandarin, but I'm not that good at it yet... >.< haha
  4. hmmm... do you speak chinese? manderin of cantonese?
  5. Well, they never interacted with me, so I don't know if they are friendly to foreigners lol
    They're at least friendly to people who speak Chinese xD
  6. lol... so im guessing those people are friendly lol
    welll some people in toronto arent so.. friendly...
  7. There are people who take your bottles in China. If you finish a bottle and are just walking around with it and are in certain areas, you'll get tapped on the shoulder and asked for it. The people who take the bottles always look so happy, too...
  8. lol, toronto homless people will scare you and will just add to teh trash count with the cigarette butss and things they CAN afford.
    at least some of them help by collecting can for money
  9. People in China just throw their trash on the ground a lot... and it collects in big piles or dumpsters... but sometimes poor/homeless people go looking through them for food so they get scattered about >.<
  10. xD, I didnt know it was so dirty lmao! Still Toronto has litter everywhere. We also have like hundreds of clean up crews yet it never gets cleaner xD
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