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  1. Haha, you want to talk about clean, don't even start with me. I was just in CHINA, remember? So dirty there >.< lol
  2. LOL, i went to prague in czech Republic. Thgings are a lot better there than in toronto =/ SO... CLEAN!
  3. Yeah, it was awesome haha Get hungry at 4 a.m.? Call McDonald's!! keke
    Oh, that still must of been cool, though ^^ Where specifically were you in Europe?
    Meh im a chorister so i went to europe on a tour
  5. Ooo, I ordered McDonald's ALL THE TIME in China, so I think I'm sick of it haha (They're open til like 3 a.m.! And deliver 24 hrs!)
    You were in Europe? What for?
  6. LOL, just got back from europe , at Micky D's now
  7. Ooo, working? What do you do? ^^
    I just got back from China~
  8. um.. working i'd say, and playing games XD basicly what i've been doing all year long
  9. Ah, I see xD
    What have you been up to this summer?
  10. uhh, yea well, i enver really did have much to do on my crappy comp but now i got a new one so ill probably be here more
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