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  1. "Earn credits for participating and helping Anime Online become a better place! The more you earn, the greater the rewards! Trade your credits for cool features, competitions, prizes and so on.


    Induction Credit: 100
    Credits awarded when your are promoted into a new usergroup.
    Exception: -200 credits will be applied if becoming a banned user or placed into the post moderation usergroup.
    Additive Referral Bonus: 5%
    Extra credits for referring many others. Referrals are checked and added every midnight. Get 5% more credits per referral. Eg: If you have 10 referrals, your credits will be 150% more than others.
    Time Credit: 0
    Current we are not awarding credits based on time at AO.
    Activity Credit: 10
    Credits awarded once per day when you do something at AO.
    Birthday Credit: 100
    Reputation Granting Credit: 0.1
    Awarded when you give others reputation. A multiplier by the amount of reputation given.
    Positive Reputation Credit: 10
    Awarded when you receive positive reputation.
    Negative Reputation Credit: -15
    Awarded when you receive negative reputation.
    New Thread Credit: 20
    Rate Thread Credit: 0.05
    Posting Credit: 5
    Credits awarded for all posts, except when creating a new thread.
    Own Thread Posting Credit: 3
    Applied when posting in a thread which you originally created.
    Post Size Credit: 0.1
    Credit awarded per character in a post, in addition to the Posting Credit.
    Poll Create Credit: 10
    Poll Vote Credit: 3
    Creating New Review: 100
    Winning POTM: 100
    Winning WOTF: 100
    Winning SOTW: 50
    Deleted Thread Credit: -20
    Credit applied when your thread is deleted.
    Deleted Post Credit: -5
    Credit applied when your post is deleted.

    There are some exceptions to earning credits in certain forums.

    - The Introductions forum WILL NOT earn you credits.
    - The Poems forum WILL NOT earn you credits for posting, but will earn you credits for creating threads, voting etc.
    - The Fanfics forum HAS a Post Size Credit of 0.005 as opposed to the default 0.1 AND a New Thread Credit of 10 as opposed to the default of 20."

    So pretty much. The credits are just so you can buy cool features, competitions, prizes and so on. I wouldn't know cause I haven't spent any yet. If ya got any other questions feel free to ask me. I will check the rules for you or tell ya what I know.

    A good way to make a decent amount of credits(And make Com. Member[100 post + 30 say after you join]) is by joining an RPG or to and being active in it. Joining an RPG that is very active and lead to popping out 5-40 post a day lol. I had my 100 within like 12 days after I joined 1 RPG.
  2. Well. If you are talking about the credits. I don't know what they do atm. Gimme about 5-10 minutes then I will be able to tell you.
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