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  1. LOl I'm a little mad that its so different from the game and the fact that they gave Alice powers lol its just doesn't seem right. Killing zombies should be with guns only. The axe guy inthe game is fat and big but the one in the movie looks way to skinny ^^
  2. ive never played re5 but it isnt like the game i suppose because it takes place in america. uhm they are looking for arcadea n the axe man from 5 is in it n the zombies have faces that split open n the dogs do too. wesker is in it. the clones are pretty awesome. chris alice clair n kmart are in it. uhm there is no black chick haha its really sweet in imax
  3. Lol NO but I want to see it so much! I heard it's nothing like the game at all ^^
    Is that true?
  4. DId you go to see it? i mean it is totally worth seeing
  5. it was wonderful I saw it in IMAX 3d lol that was like orgasmic
  6. I love RE to ^^ did you see it already?
    It's nothing like the game RE5
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