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  1. Me and you have much in common. We both think Zev and Jessica Alba are strikingly hot. You prefer her blond or brunette? Let me know if you are up for more collaboration. I did one recenly with ezhan called silence. Let me know what you think.
  2. well Shee is very attractive, Ha I actually seem to have to force myself to not look at her picture. I had no idea that someone on AO actually looked like Jessica alba(not being a suck up) but she has a striking resemblence. And I happen to think jessica alba is F-ing hot haha.
  3. I saw what you said about zev. You are quite beautiful yourself. Don't forget that.
  4. i mean i still consider it a tie and in the end was basically saying that u cant finish something u started but in the end it doesnt matter anyways,
  5. No it was not a tie. Not when I visited. When I last looked at it the poll read 3 for starfire and 2 for Peachfollows. Peach is predictable. She is happy when she wins but bitter when she loses, and talks about how much she doesn't believe poets competing.
    "In The End" was good, were you inspired by Linkin Park? I noticed the last two lines were from the Linkin Park song "In The End"
  6. Thank you for your kind words starfire. ///////////////////////////////////////////////
  7. The poetry forum is going dead, hope a strong writer like you comes back soon to breathe some life into it.
  8. With 90 some views I think it is obvious that your popularity on the forum is rising. Keed dominating.
  9. The poetry forum was dead for a little while and now vies for poems posted only a few days ago are over 30. Your return from that stupid ban appears to have breathed much needed life back into the poetry forum. Congratulations.
  10. Ive just posted a new poem if you would like to read it... its int he poems section and lol hope ya win.
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