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  1. Hi, how have you been?
    And what have you been up to recently?
  2. hey lol =] havent talked to you in awhile lol ^^
  3. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy^^ lol i didnt want you to leave again before we could chat alil lol
  4. hey whats up?=] ^^ how are you doing long time no talk lol I MISS YOU =]^^!!!
  5. hey!!!!! whats up?=] havent even seen you on here in awhile lol where have you been?^^
  6. hey i had to deal with that type of shit when i first got here well not so bad.. ppl wouldnt reply idk maybe they thought it wasnt good enough? but hey it takes alot to write and publicly display it^^ you should check out my poem called 'Blocked' pay attention to the ending lol it might help you in some way?
  7. Ya I sorta do. I just don't usually post them. I am kinda afraid that people will judge me the wrong way or say how bad it is. And I don't want either. But the truth is the truth. I just don't want a response 'THIS IS CRAP! STOP WRITING POEMS AND GO KILL YOURSELF" again. Last forum site I was on I got that exact msg and I didn't take it to well.
  8. oh yea no problem^^ it was good i liked reading it^^ i didnt know you wrote poems? did you always?=]
  9. Ok the lines 'For love unreturned Is hate is wait' means that I fear he doesn't love me back. And to me that means if he doesn't love me back then he is going to hate me for some reason. 'Hate in wait.' it was a typo. That was my bad. Thx for approving of the poem
  10. oh ok lol as far as im concerned im not that talented lol^^ see you in the threads lol
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