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  1. ok i will add you on msn so i can party with you lol
  2. I dont got MSN though Well Im on, now, we can chat now
  3. lol you're dad steals youre pc maybe we can chat on msn im if you have those
  4. Well, until my dad gets his computer back, he will just keep stealin' mine lol. Once he does get it back we can talk all the time.
  5. so been busy with chores hope we can talk again soon
  6. Im here, just kinda helping my dad out so my comp logs me out of AO for some reason.
  7. storm wolf where are you? i miss you cause you're my other best friend here
  8. stormy wolife lol i gave you a new nickname merry christmas as well love you lots my good friend
  9. lol of course i like you as my good friend or sister maybe both
  10. Have a very merry christmas

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