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  1. Your present is my pressence Doncha like me? lol
  2. stormwolf advance merry christmas and a great new year to you lol so where's my present
  3. lol was it me who supposed to be hosting the party when you keep on saying it lol
  4. I dunno, i thought you were bringing em lol..............
  5. ok later lol party where's the food and stuff and presents lol
  6. Ok, Ill talk to you laters

  7. that's good for you then ok do what you must i'm chatting with friends on msn
  8. MY RPG idea WAS APPROVED!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I gotta set it up now lol
  9. Nope. Im stuck with Yahoo MSGer
  10. oh i see and welcome back to you aww too bad you don't have msn im
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