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  1. I'm trying to end it but people are doing unexpected things lol. It doesn't follow the book I wrote lol. But I plan on putting in a twist. It will last longer and a new plot MIGHT unfold.
  2. oh im doing real good and to me so is the rp it feels like the best rp ive done it's good with the story and right to the point it fills like it's almost over though.
  3. Ive had a headache lately so I haven't logged onto AO for alittle while.


    How are you?
  4. hey how you been doing
  5. oh thanks yea i know im evil jsut evil.........................^o^
  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratz on 666 post lol. EVIL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. By the way, Me and Xeva just teleported the whol building so now we are deep in Human territory in the mountains.


    i gotta stop drinking

  9. ok than we can sit in the room warming up and stuff while you two are fighting.
  10. Well how about for now, your in your own tourny, then when me and hector or done with ours we get asked to try to tag team fight the team tourny? That was we end up fighting each other, as long as you guys win your tournies . It would be easier cause it wouldn't change the story line, cause for this to happen me and everyone who rped with me would have to edit it alittle.

    This way, we still fight, but it keep the tournies the way they should be. So after me and Hector fight, and you go thru you small tag team tourny, me and Hector get asked to work together to fight the tag team tournies champs, which would be you. Sound ok?
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