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  1. Lol, ok night night. It is almost 2 Am here too. 1:48 right now.
  2. Oh really?? Well I go read it then I'll go to bed!!!! I'm super tired!!!! XD So'll i'll post later today(it's 2 am in the morning!!! O.O)
  3. Lol nice. I just reposted for ya. And remember not to destroy to many villages lol.
  4. No problem!!! XD

    Thanks. Aina is nicer than her sister. Of course, the only reason Xeva is mean and bloodthristy is because she has to put on a act, or other will think of her as weak. She also wants to prover worth to Xion. ^^
  5. I saw them lol. I like Aina better lol.

    And thanks for the complement.
  6. XD Cause everyone is beatiful. In their own way. I'll always believe that!! Besides you are a very beatiful person on the inside so that must mean you are on the out too!!!

    Well Xeva is a great fighter!! XD Besides did you see the pics for Xeva and Aina???
  7. Lol, that isn't very helpful, and how do you know im beautiful? You haven't seen me. Ever. lol

    And I made Xion be alittle nicer just for you. Cause he doesn't want to lose one of his best fighters.
  8. Me??? You're asking me that??? lolz Well I find that if a guy likes you , he'll talk to you often, be nice to you, and other stuff. IF you think a guy likes you, you should ask him. Don't be afraid. If he doesn't then his lost. You're a very beatiful person!! XD

    Well as you know, Xeva greatly admires Xion. (As u can see in my post) Also she is still lookinfg for her sis who can somewhat see the future!! O.O XXDDD
  9. Xion is enforcing that you MUST protect her lol. Plus he is evil anyway lol.

    So you have any luck with guys?

    (Meaning any tips)
  10. yeah it's not good to go into depth on these post things. Anyone can read them!!!O.o

    Anyway, whoa read what you wrote on the RP thingie. XD Dang my char. is whooped by Xion. He is just so mean to Xeva!!!!
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