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  1. Not yet. I have this guy who is really really really nice. He pays for my meals, trys to spend time with me and all. I think he might like me a lot. But I am afraid.

    Ok lets not get to in depth.
  2. lolz I wish. It been about 2 years since my last bf. *sighs* But I can't give up!!!! lolz Sorry. ^^" What about? Do u have a bf???
  3. I dunno. Hows life treating you? Any new BF's or anything?
  4. lolz really?? Okay I'll go check it out.

    Oh thats too bad....I'll have to show you some how....Gimp is kinda hard to understand!!

    I'm up for anything. U can pick whatever you want to talk about!!! XD
  5. Not much here. I just replyed to the RPG, since Xion can talk telepathically . And try to be nice to Xion atleast lol. And I give up on Gimp lol. It will just be my TxT adder lol.

    So what you wanna talk about?
  6. lolz nothing much!! I just had fun posting my first post in your RPG but besides that nothing much...You???
  7. Sure. Whats up hun
  8. Hey what's up?? I'm bored want to talk for abit before I go to bed???
  9. Okay!!! just made my characters(yes characters there are two!!) I hope you like them. Tell me if there is anything I need to change....
  10. Well, so far, reika has met a demon man who said he would kill Xion(The main bad guy). His lieutenant have hurt hanyougirl's character, and also brought ayu's character to Xion and now they working together. People are mainly just starting out. so not much has happened yet.
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