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  1. lolz are you know?? XD I can be too!!! RAWR!!!!!! ^_^
  2. Im Com Member Now! Wewt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  3. Ya, i guess it is cool, but im not letting my brother join. lol. Im evil that way.
  4. Ahhh, that must suck...but at least you guys have a computer. I didn't have one until like last month!!! XD I had to find a way to get on another way!!
  5. My brother wants to join AO, but since we only got one comp it would only be one of us on at a time lol.
  6. Wow!!! lolz sounds like you are having fun!!! XXXDDD
  7. Not much, Just playing Kingdom Hearts 2, Obscure the Aftermath(Obscure 2), or watching eagle eye. About all I did today lol. MY COMPUTER WORKS AGAIN! Wewt! So what you been up to? Right now im on AO and watching the begining of Eagle Eye. Since I woke up at the end of the movie.
  8. Hey what's up?? (why must we have this 50 char, thingie??? I hate it....-.-)
  9. ^__^ Thanks. It's kinda late but Merry Christmas!! Also Happy New Year's too!!! Hope you had a great year!!!
  10. Have a very merry christmas

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