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  1. Niight night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Gah!!!!!! I'm so tired.... ^^" I think I'll go to bed... Talk to u later ^^
  3. Cool, ima try it lol.


    ~lol Random moment~
  4. lolz I used Gimp. It's not the greatest but I still like it!!! ^__^ I like Gimp good program!!
  5. Lol, hey nice sig btw. Wanna tell me how ya made it. Im not very computer-lirerate.
  6. lolz thanks for you joining in. Now I have yet another person to talk too. ^^" It's fine. I'm use to it anywayz!!
  7. So how is that conversation thingy going along? Doncha just love having to talk to 2-5 people at a time
  8. Hey what's up?? lolz don't we all hate the 50 char. thing. But oh well....^^
  9. lolz I know zyta can be really harsh but I am glad someone finally told me the truth. My dream is to be a great writer like him!! (And all of my other favorite writer). I asked him to tell me the hard truth..... ^^"
  10. HI! How are you tonight?(I hate that 50 character thing)
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