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  1. Ya, I just need Xeva to go to Xion lol...............
  2. Hey are we going to start on the RP or what??? U said u needed me before we started this whole noob group thingie....
  3. lolz thanks!! I like yours too you know!!! XD Most of all the Naruto one!!! XD
  4. You like Inuyasha?????????????????????????????????????????? ??
  5. I think yours are better than mine, cept the naruto one lol.
  6. lolz!!!! I like them!!!!! Did you see mine??? Huh?? Did ya????
  7. Lol. Ok... I just like to greet newbies. And tell me what you think about the pics I posted for the group.
  8. ......okay u are taking this thing way to seriously!!! We are not completeing's not like I can greet like crazy!!! -.-
  9. I win again. I greeted ANOTHER newbie... Sweet. You need to get it in gear if we are gonna compete lol
  10. I added a few pics for the social group for ya. Be happy. lol.I like the naruto one the most. I funneh
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