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  1. Have a very merry christmas

  2. HI!!!!!!!!! I just posted in the Inuyasha
  3. MY NEW RPG IS APPROVED WEWT! The Demon Lands, you should join it
  4. I added chapter 3 in my story "Kalderim, the Magic of Friendship." Tell me if you like it
  5. yep. I'm just looking at the past few pages so i know what's going on.
  6. Ready to continue our RPG in Inuyasha?????????????????????
  7. I've always liked playing characters that others can be interested in. I do what I can to play an entertaining character..
  8. I can tell you like to be detailed just from RPing with you lol. Your battles are always so detailed lol.
  9. Long, detailed battles are good. Detail immerses the reader into your world and, If done right, makes them not wanna come back out.
  10. It does, Ive got 14 chapters of it hand written on paper. My goal now is to type it on Word, edit it, then post it, I already have most of chapter 2 written, The starting few chapters arn't gonna be that big, but the main fight scene with Kiger and Leon is kinda long
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