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  1. you are never on any more...... well hope you still want to talk to me my friend when you get online
  2. oh today im at work. and im trying to see if i have anything to do today hopefully not so i can read ya lovely poem
  3. so what you upto now? lol you at school or work****************************************
  4. sure i can do that for but unfortunately i cant do that now though but ill will before this day is over with hopefully.
  5. hey i posted an entry for the october potm can you check that and let me know what you think?
  6. yeah i had lots of crap to do. since it was close to 80 degrees i had to mow the lawn ugh and pull up weeds. thank god its gonna be 50 as the highest tomorrow. i love cold weather.
  7. nm.....just still a bit tired since i had a lot to do over the weekend.........i hate chores lol...
  8. haha iight my bad ill try better next time LMAO!!!! anyway whats up
  9. lol ... honye buns okay ...... you can be a bit corny STryk...........**smiles***(blush)**
  10. HONEY BUNS!!! *hugs phoenix* how was your weekend
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