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  1. Same here, and yeah, hope to see you on later today.
  2. um i do but its too much lol anyway i got to get back to work ill holla at ya later dawg
  3. Yeah it is pretty cool. But I am sure you have some interesting stories to tell with the whole sewige contracting and modling.
  4. Oh ok I understand now. But your job still sounds cool though lol.
  5. Thanks. Sorry I dont believe I have... Or have I... Im not to sure. Any way I work for GA-ASI, the company that builds and manufactures the Predator, Reaper, and Warrior UAVs used by the USM, USAF, and Border patrole.
  6. your a mechanical drafter too haha cool im a computer drafter as well... in the water and sewage department though. I work at a company called Wade-Trim have you heard of it before?
  7. no problem dawg . yo your avatar is sweet as hell.
  8. Hello and thanks for the request. PM me or just plain message me any time.
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