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  1. its ok (my mom took my comp to lol) and ya it takes them forever to grade stuff that we all know they dont want to grade and maybe your haveing a writers block try relaxeing by listening to your fav music or going to a pool when its warm or just takeing a walk i do it and it helps alot and schools been alot of work for me to and very stressful but its alomst over for the year and spring break here is on monday so take it easy a little im probly failing a class so ya im screwed lol
  2. its ok thanks sorry again (my ma's keepin me away from da computer) yea school works really comin down on me! dont teachers ever realiz da hav 2 grade everythin da give us? i mean dang!!

    i think somethings wrong wit me. i havent been abele to write storys(they all r my my worst work) and in skool my writing horriable i just don't understand y this is! i'm stressed but i've always been dat way so y can't i write?!?!!?!?
    is it Me?
  3. It's ok i havnt been on either schools been tough for me and happy valentines sry its late
  4. Thanks so i havnt been on 4 a while... Happy Valentine Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Th..Thankyou i hope you get to were you want to be.
  6. glad u know that!
    i will try harder 2!!! i'm sure u'llbe a great writer soon!
  7. Y...Ya I know its shouldn't get to me thank you I....I'll try harder
  8. yea! evreyone tells me that. don't mind them thers wrong!!
  9. R...Realy? thank you i've never gotten that before. i was always told my writeing was stupid and stuff but th...thank you.
  10. hi i'm Mea. Ur a good writer don't dout ur self. expand more!
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