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  1. Haha..okiee..ttyl (^.^) me anytime *huggies*...
  2. yeh, im going 2 Utube 2 watch way ttyl *^_^*
  3. yeah bleacj is awsome..i never seen hellings before..but i heard it was an good anime..ill google it......>.>..<.<...
  4. i like hellsing, but i havent watchD it much. i like bleach 2..... actually i havent watchD alot of anime l8ly, but im lookin out 4 th@ witch hunter robin...i also liked an old anime callD knight hunters
  5. so whats ur fav anime? for now is Bleach ^.^
    i like naturo too..even though im kinda behind on seening the no not cable..-_-
  6. yes i like it here...the people R frendly, they always have sumthin intResting 2 talk about, and i learn about alot of new manga/anime
  7. well u said u are befriendin newbies so ..Hiya ..*huggies*
    do u like it here? ..or should i say have u been enjoying it here. (^.^)
  8. hi, so nice of U 2 stop in 2 chat. ill talk ne time
  9. hi hi are ya (^.^)..hey u can befriend me too ya know..
    whats your fav anime?
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