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  1. no but send me a message so i can add you please thank you
  2. okiee.i added u ^___^but do u have an yahoo messager?
  3. Do you have YIM?
    if so im on and my username i -Ayo_ueto- okiee
  4. thank you if you weren't engaged i would make sure i was right thyere for you
  5. aaww its been engaged for like 4 months now ^.^ i understand how u feel..dont feel sowwie..i used to feel that way too
    u can always talk to me about here for u
  6. so how long you been engaged i am sorry for asking you that question its just that i have been so lonely the last few month staying at hom eno one to talk to so sorry for that
  7. i am writing a story in fan fic maybe you should check it out when you have time
  8. i love family guy it is an awesome show i like stewie the best
  9. okiee..well when u get back answer this question ?
    do u like family guy??? ^_________^
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