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  1. Yeah. I've been watching I love money,so I watch family guy sometimes.
  2. lol..wasnt that ^.^ peter was all negative abut it..and keep trying to shout the guy ..ROFL..peter''s sop funny..
    well doint feel bad..i havent either..we dont have cable right now..i miss family guy..true having it on dvd is awsome but nothing actually beats the new ep..
  3. Hi,yeah I've seen that one. I haven't seen any new episodes in a while.
  4. hi hi.hi..whats up ^_____^..
    did u ever see that new family guy ep..where everybody though megan was pergant and she was about to get married...its kinda old now..but it think it was a couple of sunday nights ago..
  5. My fav character is Stewie. I also like Brian. I have all the box sets so far.
  6. oh..really..i like that one too...i remeber that one..i like also the one where louis kept shoplifting and the family had to move to china to was a good one..who is your favortive charcter..Mine wuld have to be between peter snd u own any box sets or anything?
  7. Idk there's so many I like. I like the one called Lethal Weapons. Lois kept beating ppl up it was funny.
  8. im a fan of familyguy too..what is your fac episode???
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