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  1. so how u been kays kays ^.^
    whast about ur band
    cool hair by the way
  2. hey me back now i have the internet for sure me back for good im like so far behind on my posting
  3. Were you on about two weeks ago ?
  4. HEY! You SERIOUSLY need to get on -_-
  5. aaww darn ..we keep misses each
    aww i sorry..i was working like crazy recently..but now snice i worked hard i got the net
    hey i ment to tell u also that i open an my space account..i tried to sent u a messasge and tried to be ur friend but u have it block to were only frineds can talk to u..
    geezz ..kats -a- poo am i not a friend..-_-..wwaahh.

    O.o..and cool emo look on ur myspace..i so digging the hair..^.-
    hmm it must be a long time snice i have seem and talk to u..u lokk a little different and a lot older..
    well text me anytime and let me kno when get on Ao or something okiee ^.^
    *huggies and kisses*

  6. OMIGOSHNESS!!! o.O Yeah I did!! =/ Is anything wrong?
  7. hey
    how are you doing today
    me am back i have te net ill be on more now..
    did u text me the other day?
  8. Hey.... You were on ?
  9. Hey, where've you been? I hope head-dustin'-Justin didn't kill you *cough cough*
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