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  1. well i bet thats a drag. im good just.... ugh i dont know im sad, mad, confused and happy all at the same time i dont know a lot of of problems just happened and yea im lost in my emotions right know i dont know how to act or think i dont know tai. well you have a good day k and ill see you around laterz
  2. Nothing much, just a lot of homework, how has it been with you?
  3. hey there tai hows it going what have you been up to lately if you dont mind me asking? well tai gtg but ill be around so feel free to leave a message laterz...
  4. tai im gonna go to sleep but yea ill see you around laterz
  5. hey tai would you liek to be my friend if not thats all cool. well see you around laterz
  6. yea but ffor got why and that post just made me really think and it brought back a lot of cool and awesome memories i had as i was growing up. you dont know how much that means to me. well take care taikaw and have a nice day
  7. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just was curious how people in this community found anime!
  8. hey taikaw i enjoyed your post it made me think why i started watching anime so i thought id drop i nto say thanks well laterz and have a nice day.
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