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  1. I've always think in the weirdest denominator. It's just always worked out for me. Might not get me laid, or famous, but I'm happy being weird.
  2. you got a unique title ........................lols lord of weirdness?..............any reason behind it.....
  3. lols.....thanks ...... anyways on the last post was headed out the door of the resto to help that tokini person i think....

    anyways there are others here who are pretty cool to hang with ...
  4. It's good to have attention. Everyone craves it, no matter how much one denies it. you're pretty cool to hang out with. I can understand why you get hit on here.
  5. me knows...i can only try...but hey am a girl so i still do have my moments lols...giggles.....and the guys who are way younger than me ain't helping ........since they always drop some cheezy line lols but that makes me smile.
  6. Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck. The best any of us can do is make sure today is better than yesterday.
  7. well it's how i do things but my mom says i have to start doing it differently since i have a kid and all....i mean i try to.............but i still have my moments and could have been different if my ex didnt die....i guess i'd have more time for my kid
  8. I hear ya. I have all the time on my hands , yet I dropped outta college twice. Not good at studying or with schedules. I don't think too far ahead. Rather take things as they go.
  9. well might be easierr said than a single parent of a 7 y/o and well my mom thinks i took up too much in college...lols....
  10. Sounds like a good job. Though, if you wanna change occupation, go for it. Nothing wrong with being happily employed.
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