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  1. i'm an analyst business and data for a company and well lately ..............i dont know seems i might be in the wrong field....lols i want to study web design ...................though i dont think going back to school to get my third degree is something my mom will agree with.
  2. That sux. I hate it when assholes **** with my shit too. What's your job?
  3. the project i have at work has turned up to be a mess..............was going along well till everyone who thought they knew what they were doing ruined all the macros i the reporting is a mess and i have to figure out wht they changed seesh....
  4. I'm sittin here eating a half burnt steak, the weather is great, I got weed and my car runs. What's wrong with your day?
  5. lols well i hope your day is better than what i am having now.
  6. lols
    it's okay though he is one of the very few guys who lets me get away with a few things lols.................
  7. I do what I can to mete out some form of advice. i try to be helpful, though it's up to the receiver to decide if my advice is beneficial or not. *shrug*
  8. well i haven't heard from Holder lately busy i guess............and hasn't posted some comment on my poems lately too........ lols thanks for posting on my journal by the ways.....
  9. If there was an age limit, Len would've been gone so long ago. I wonder where Holder of the Dark Chalice is these days.......
  10. Well this site has kept my interest in a lot of stuff for almost a year now...i think i want to be on this site for a while or until i'm too old to post lols
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