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  1. Hey Taurus? You like to RP right?? Like actually RPs and like to have more RP that are great, like good. More quality post? ^^ I think you should join Dreamer's Haven. We have some great RPs there. We're also a small site you don't have to worry about one liners and people posting all of the time. Just think about it okay??

    Dreamer's Haven Forums
  2. Eh, I was just wondering. I don't care which you claim. I'm full-blooded. 9 different tribes in me. Such a hassle. XD Make fun of whatever you want. You're entitled to your own opinion. ^^
  3. That I am, though I claim white in all the forms. *shrug* Either way, I was just makinig fun of it all.
  4. Are you really part Native American?? Oh and read your post!! Thats why I'm asking.....
  5. Hey Grimmjow is on again!!!! Hmmmm....... So what do u think?? Think everything might get back into order??
  6. The joy of roleplaying, my dear. It's all in fun. You can either choose to be good or bad. All depends on what you wanna do with your character.
  7. I guess....I do overreact..... Okay then......I go along.
  8. Hmm......maybe he's setting his character up to be a villain. I wouldn't take it too seriously. Just play along
  9. lolz thanks. Did you see what happen to Grimmjow char.? He won't tell anyone why he is doing what he is doing. It;s kinda strange is kinda scarying me....
  10. I can do that. I'll put one up as soon as I find it.
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