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  1. Happy New Year!! I ended last year and begun this one on a good note. Got drunk as hell. Now, I need to make sure I go somewhere this year.
  2. Hola. ¿Como Estas?, Mi Amigo. ¿Que Pasa?.......................................
  3. Yeah, they're pretty cool. I need a siggy myself...........
  4. Like my new avi and siggy btw? Renn made em for me
  5. Im not a dude, and I dont know where he went lol
  6. Dude, where'd grimmjow go? I thought we were ready to do this.
  7. I'm gonna be a villain this time. He's Xion's personal assassin
  8. So where you gonna be on the list? You seem more evil than good lol
  9. You ever gonna join my other RPG The Demon Lands
  10. And a very merry X-mas to you too. Have fun with the fam and eat plenty!
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