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  1. good...I'm at school right is boring....can't wait till art haha
  2. Ups, downs, all arounds and I'm feelin great! You?
  3. Yo! How are you these day?!
  4. bored.... and i have no clue what to type.....
  5. Heh heh heh, I've been outta school since 03. Tried my hand at college a couple of times, but it never panned out right.
  6. holidays were nice.....i stayed up till 3AM woke up around 10 or 12PM....watched alot of anime and played my guitar....i'm mad at makes me sleepy.....middle school is a big head ache....i wanna stay home...
    you are out of school now right?
  7. Hey! How's it been? Did your holidays go well?
    Mine was alright, though I was ready for them to go by as fast as possible. As we know, they did. Now I'm just trying to follow through on resolutions, though that's not been going too well, heh heh heh....
  8. yo!
  9. cool!dont you think that the inuyasha rpg is going well!i do!but i have to run away in it im being smuthered !!!! what about you?!
  10. Yeah, it's been really hot here too. I've been doing nothing but the usual.
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