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  1. good very hot outside.i helped my dad change the radiator in his truck when the whether cooled down. i had lots of fun.what have you done lately??
  2. I'm doing good. I got AC. How about you? How's it been?
  3. hello!!!! how are you???
  4. im doing good!
  5. Meh, you were rping our character how you wanted. That's the idea.

    Anyways, I'm pretty good. howabout you?
  6. hello!!! sorry about the who do you think you are part in my post i was in family guy mode at that moment hahahahaha! any way how are you???
  7. Ahem!please super - mega post (post lots!)in our inuyasha RPG! because the more people in an RPG is lots more fun! thank you for your space!
  8. sitting around doing nothing....
  9. Been having a good summer, I take it. What does summer consist of for you?
  10. ive been good!!
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