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  1. Yep, I'll definitely be there.

    Now to look for some stray herb I left around here.......
  2. Ewwewewewew resin hits hahaha!

    Well good stuff for ya man I hope all I get is midis every once in a while purp or some haze. I hope you touch the sky tomorrow
  3. Lucky bastard. Been lucky to get a rez hit all day.
    Meh, I can get some tomorrow. I get paid. Yay.
  4. Hahaha that was funny man, I know if I posted what I would say in real life they would take my post away and get mad so I'll say it here.

    I've been high since that last song lalalala and I've been just smokin n smokin. Smoke anotha blunt... roll anotha up, you know that we can really ease yo mind.

    Hahaha I love bone thugs! Geez this blunt is makin me soar!!!
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