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  1. yeah i was reading the posts that i miss dam ya really kept it going lol i need to make a lot of summarys lol but yeah deffinately want to continue my rp everything else is either too far into or wasnt done properly...
  2. Yeah, I was too damn stoned for that shit to happen. But anyways, it has been a while. Do you plan on bringing back your RP?
  3. the same ish im wasted smoked two l's and damn thats crazy bout your co worker its been a while hasnt it?
  4. Getting of work and kickin it. A co-worker cut himself with my ninja-to about an hour ago. He turned the sword upside down, making it slide out it's sheath.
    Other than that, I'm stoned.
  5. hey dude its been a while how u been? wat u been up to?
  6. Well, PM me what you have so far for storyline ideas and I'll build on those.

    As far as joining your group, well......just send me an invite
  7. And i was wondering if ur intrested in joining my group its more like a clan tho for rpgs...
  8. Dude u can be second in command when im not there and i know i need rpers whos more frequent like u and i.. so what ideas u got
  9. I can RP excellent as long as I'm sufficiently motivated. Your RPG has the potential to be pretty good, though you need to pull everyone in better. If you want, we can discuss ideas for storyline.

    I'm a good ideas guy. Put me to good use.
  10. Hey dude i just replied whats good? And ur are a gd rper im glad to have u in my rp thanks.. What do u think of the rp so far?
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