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  1. kool i like it you ganna fix ur b-day thing??????????
  2. ooooo omg~~!!~~ i like ur pick it looks neat btw your a slow typer lol ^^
  3. well when is your b-day?????? and thee yr u was born???? i'll do it for you next period^^
  4. How do you do that? Idk how 2 do that ???.........................................
  5. you need to put an avatar on pic on ur prfile lol and fix you b-day thing if you haven't yet btw lol and put in some stuff about your self lol.
  6. its going preety good and i'm in math class finishing up a movie right now so its like a free priod lol. yeah i know i'm soooo BORED TOOO!!! lol so waz going on?.?
  7. hey Jenny it's Taylor what's up????????????How is science???????????? im bored
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