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  1. If there was that much of a problem Nightboyz, why didn't you confront my post and explain the situation in order to change my mind. As we have both agreed, we don't know each other well enough to make permanent, and yet you still consider yourself right and pass the same judgements against me that I apparently have against you, contradicting yourself and being slightly hypocritical. If you see this as a competition, which I don't and consisdering I never implied or did such, shouldn't any of these dabates be your wins?

    If I am really that offbase and wrong, wouldn't a simple explanation clear things up? That is all I asked for and since nothing was ever set in stone, I don't see why that is such a problem. You do know yourself better than I do.
  2. I don't care what you think of me any more your a closed mind and I want nothing to do with you.

    I was writing that to the thead starter, not you.
    And the other one to.
    So please dont message me any more.
    If you do want to poast about something i'v wrote that find just don't go over borad

    ~ Nightboyz

    If you don't want to talk to me or hear my opinion, than don't send me messages. These are public debate threads open for discussion amongst the public. There is nothing that says you can't speak privately one on one with the thread started, but don't complain when someone besides that discusses what you said, when you decided to make it public.

    It is your opinion that I went overboard. I hope you remember that it was me who asked you why you came to your decisions and not the otherway around. I was more than willing to hear you out and re-evaluate my own opinions. You may want to rethink who exactly is the closeminded individual.

    Don't send me messages if you don't want a response.

  3. Hey nightboyz. I honestly don't care if you don't want to post. It isn't like will end up hurting my feelings. I do suggest though, that if you do decide to enter a debate, you may want to make some more valid points, or atleast make a followup so that others can acknowledge when you decided to backdown.

    If you are passionate about something and want others to understand, why not make the effort to do so? Please, don't come running over to my guest thread to tell me you are upset, do it where everyone can see it so you can get some more feedback. This is all wasted don't you think?

  4. Lissen im not going to post to your last post to me on constructive criticism because you get the thead off topic.
    Your judging me and yes you did call me week without saying it I can read between the lines.
    I wrote what I said because thats how I fell.
    I don't think you'd know so dont do that to people. Yes im mad about what you said because your judging me with no regard for what your saying.
    Learn some maners.
    Please don't write me back im done talking to you.
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