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  1. tooo tem long time no see... hope everything with you has been good? so hows life been treating you? if you dont mind me asking? well i just wantd to drop in and say hi ans see how u were doing? well hope to hear from you take care tem and have a nice day laterz
  2. tem..... tem...... tem..... where are you? where did you go bro? come back !!!! tem !!! ..... TEM !!! WHERE ARE YOU !?!?!?!? ......
    if and when you get this i just wantd to say hi ^^ and see how ur story was progessing if its kool with you... welll till we meet again tem take care k bro laterz....
  3. hey bro...hey guess what....really just guess......Merry Christmas ...hope u had a good one bro..take care bro n be safe k laterz
  4. thanks bro. so your at random then thats cool i did the same but i was also on the net. chatting with some friends. so how have you been its been awhile? well ill see you around laterz
  5. hey there knight, happy halloween to you too, just relaxing throughout the day, but all random seems to keep popping up oh well
  6. hey bro just droped in to say happy holloween hope you are having fun well see ya around laterz
  7. well thats cool tem see i gtg but ill be beck k see ya around laterz and have a nice day
  8. ill be working on it later, since i have the day off
  9. kool so hows the story coming along if you dont mind me asking?
  10. just woke up, watching azumanga daioh, just to wake my brain up
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