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  1. yo bro hows it going? how is your day going today? well bro see you around k laterz
  2. yo bro hows the stroy coing along so how was your weekend
  3. thats cool bro well see you around and have a nice day laterz
  4. too bad i wont be able to stay much todAY, got lotza things to do, and am going out with family so yaaah, ill see you when i see you
  5. yo tem hows it going? so hows your day going so far? mine a real drag im hateing every minute of it.
  6. sounds good bro im looking forward to reading that chapter well bro take care ill hit you up again maybe later if im not busy but i have to go cuz something just broke in my house and i could have sworn i was the only one here i thought my family went out o well catch you laterz bro and take care hope you dont get writers block laterz o yea have a nice day...
  7. just try to finish about 10-12 pages of chapter 5 before the weekend is thr..
  8. thanks tem so what are your plans for today? if you dont mind me asking
  9. ohhh a true leader of the store, good job good job I "salute" You
  10. that sounds like me last job during the summer i worked at an onion sheld and i was the floor mangage i had to make sure we everything so we wouldnt have to stop are progress shit i even worked with them but they were also lazy so i had to inspire them to work.
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