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  1. i used to work at mcdonalds, fun tho, even if the pay's low, since everyone's fun to work with, haha i feel like im a manager or something, coz everything theyre mad at someone they complain to me
  2. damn bro you have a sweet job mine really suck i hate working with chile espesially since we make it in to powder. i hater even more that the boss is like hitler a F***ing dictaitor. and the pay doesnt even come close to the amount of labor i do.
  3. bank, proofreading, encoding checks or something like that, the most boring job, since u sit there for 4-6 hour just typing numbers... but the pay's good, i get about 15-16 dollars per hour, depending on the checks i run for the month
  4. tell me about it bro. so what kinda of job do you do?
  5. yah... 3 hours of sleep, since my i have night shift work... ill prolly be dead asleep later afternoon
  6. hey man just get up? me too i so tried i think i might go back to sleep i had a long night.
  7. well laterz then have fun at work bro talk to you tomorrow or not laterz...
  8. no not yet, ill catch you later tho, gotta get ready for work
  9. yo bro so hows the story coming out did you finish the next chapter?
  10. o and thanks for talking to me again well see ya around then peace
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