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  1. well thats cool bro i know you will over come your lazyness bro hey amn sorry to do this to you but i have to go and clean the rest of my yard and then wash my primos ride so yea but ill be back so yea man take car and try to have a nice day laterz
  2. things just take turn for the worst everytime i make a decision... ehehe, people around me just think differently than me... although sometimes... ugh i dont even know, i just tend to forget things from the past
  3. yea i know what you mean i keep telling myself im goint to the military cuz thats what i want but im holding myself back and im not sure why either. i know i can pass the requirments with ease but i just dont go for it. i only want to join cuz it comes with a lot of benifits and it will make a better person out of me but i cant take the first step to just go do it. so why do you hold yourself back bro ? is there a reason for it?
  4. yah, i understand ur point... thats why im running from reality right now! haha yah, its been a HELL of 2 years for me to tell the truth, lotzzzaaa bullshit happened... but alas, i grew tired of it, and ignored the whole thing, and just focused myself on fullfilling my dream to be a writer or watever... but first, i have to get off that lazy ride of mine and keep writing
  5. well bro im not saying much just asking cuz the reason why i chose a broken heart is cuz i know i wont be able to avoid love and if i do i know i would regret it the rest of my life cuz i will always wonder if i did the right thing or not and not only that but id like o have more happiness in my life i have more sorrow in it then anything else. i lost many friend and seen good people leave this world. in the last six years ive lost so much that ill im doing is trying to fill in these gaps that were made and that were all of you guys come in. im not trying to run and forget them but do what they wanted me to do and that move on even though its hard.
  6. ugh... id rather choose broken neck, now im in my stupid situations, friends and family are against me when things like "broken heart" is the issue
  7. well as long as the ending comes with a sweet ending then its all cool hey i was gonna ask you what would yoyu choose a broken heart or a broken neck cuz i saw this in a post and it made me think? i chose a broken heart so how about you bro?
  8. wahhh... thanks appreciate it, the ILYN series is actually had a huge cast, as in HUGE, i just add them bits by bits by the next couple chapters.. it already has its ending hmm...
  9. well bro i hope so cuz its a nice story and id hate for it to end like some anime series ive read cuz that would be a drag.. hey bro you keep up the good work and i know in time you will succeed and make an awesome anime bro.
  10. i dunno... haha i just naturally am, the ILYN series is better off its in manga form or something since, everytime i write about it, i picture it in my head as im watching it myself... ugh too bad i cant draw that well... but yah, if things go well, it has its better points on later chapters
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