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  1. i wish i had a christmas break (no work) then ill go ahead and be lazy all day, doing nothing... but be lazy.... ah im so lazy. im like the second son of laziness... ahhh im so bored... ayayay
  2. sorry, i totally meant Christmas break...spellcheck didn't pick that one up. too bad bread's a word
  3. bread huh...? hmmm.. cant think of a line to counteract... ugh, my head's fuzzy from the cold... i wish there was a way for my mind to start writing on its own, so i dont have to use my hands for it... haha
  4. kind of in a slump, eh? yeah, i hear ya. winter slows me down, too. i wish i was working; well, part time, anyway. i want Christmas bread to come around so i can relax and not have to think about anything.
  5. yah been really slow lately... lazinesssssss... havent written anything for almost a month, everything is just working in my head, plus i have 2 more stories that id relaly love to write, other than that ILYN i posted here, its titled "Himitsu Puzzle" and "Last Chapter"... but yah... winter's coming, cold is my weakness, i get sleepy and lazy easily, plus work's been... eh..........
  6. hey, tem, how're your stories coming along? i've kinda been working on mine, but it's a little slow cuz of school.
  7. cool, take care...--------------------------------------------
  8. sounds good to me, ill check it out... although i already did, i dont remember much on the details but k... ill see ya when i see ya
  9. i've gotta go soon, so how 'bout this? you read my intro to a'thirin in the fanfic forum and see if you like my style of writing first (okay, you don't have to, that's optional; i won't force you...). i can also adapt to other ppl's writing, too. and if you need someone to look over some of your work, i can do that as well. co-writing something's pretty difficult, but we could give it a shot. sound okay?
  10. ohhh your a writer arent yah? hey hey wanna make a story about something or something, coz ive got some stories that i can think of that would need two people's perspective
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