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  1. oh hey hey hey hey im on lolz^^
  2. yes yes lets? what do you want to talk about... mmm boring stuff? like what? how bout me? im boring sais my sisters... yahaha!
  3. hi!!lets talk
  4. good how bout you
  5. well that took awhile for a response... anywayz, been awhile how are you??
  6. cause they r bad and i dont wanna start somthing in a movie theater
  7. not much... but eh.. watever i guess... then u prolly have people who are older than you on that gangs of urs, why not ask them to go to the movies... nyahaha
  8. nnoooooo im not in a gang but i have friends who r in gangs and im friends with the gangs that they dont like....get it???
  9. eh? i dont get it, ur in a gang? waaht? eh?----------
  10. gangs and stuff.i always seem 2 get into trouble cause im 2 nice 2 people and alot of people dont like that
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