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  1. WOW! that sounds frecking alsome dude you need to come up with stories like "The Last Chapter" more often not sying that ILYN isn'nt good or anything by the way you need to continue the rest of chapter 5 but "The Last Chapter" sounds alsome
  2. i think the last chapter is prolly the first story illl be making that's pretty brutal, overthetop or something like that
  3. hmm... actually i dont know where to start with the last chapter, since i have its beginning and middle already... i could just pretty much say...... hmmm think maybe.... 10% of pokemon turned into a brutal story, well not relaly that brutal but yah... and there's actually different formats of it, i mean... there might even be added stories in the future... like lets see... "The Last Chapter:The Story of a Writer" "The Last Chapter:The Story of the Artist" "The Last Chapter.B.Bine"... something along those lines... but yah, everything is on planning stage still, althought i know what to do with the story right now... since the character from the Last Chapter would pretty much rival my all time favorite character from the every title i have
  4. himitsu not really interested in but now you got me curius about "The Last Chapter" why not pm me what it's about that way only I know and I can always be rellied on to keep a secret
  5. Well, Himitsu puzzle is more on romance, not like ILYN who has all kinds of genres, its about three girls, and one unnamed guy, still havent really put much thought on how to write the "preview"... but yah... and the last chapter... hmm its kinda secret right now, since its "one of those" on the top moments i thought of
  6. sounds interesting what are they about the other two not ILYN
  7. yah, im dealing with three stories right now, of course the ILYN continuing it, then two more on the planning stages, titled "Himitsu Puzzle" and "The Last Chapter"
  8. hey tem how is the story coming in your head anything special going to happen
  9. well, it hasnt really been easy, like i said i know what to write, i just dont know how to write my mind is having conflict with this new story im making, but ill post it somehow, im trying to decide on something anywayz, coz the ILYN series starting from chapter 1 needs to be revamp, but im holding on it for awhile... so yah... il post it when i get the chance
  10. hey man what's taking so long for the rest of chapter 5 of I.L.Y.N.
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