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  1. happy halloween too, yah, well just sit back and relax is my motto when holidays, everyone i know has their own agenda so i just rest up for today
  2. hey man happy halloween tem what you doing today any partys ?
  3. both... its fun, but quite boring sometimes and of course im old enough to need money at my age... i sit most of the night encoding checks, doing so helps me think of story lines and scenes
  4. hey man what is your work anyway is it becuse you like it or is it just for money
  5. ill see what i can do this wednesday, since i dont have work by then
  6. yah sorry, just had stuffs to do this weekend,so i wasnt able to do much, but ill keep you posted
  7. hey man what's taking the rest of chapter 5 of I.L.Y.N. man I'm a little antzy here I want to know what happens next
  8. well tem hurry up with chapter 5 so you can get on with chapters 6 and 7 okay
  9. i know what you mean... ugh... i guess since this chapter 5 is... hmmm, i cant even explain well... ugh, i relaly need to get myself together
  10. that why I say this to most of my friends when they get to excited "You must calm down or you will forget easily.Okay?"
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