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  1. yah... my mind is being lazy, its a nasty nasty habit of mine... coz my head is ahead from the current story im writing, i guess im too excited to write chapter 6-7 since one of my fav characters is appearing
  2. hey Tem, way that you on rot with the chapters you having trouble or something
  3. hey there beast, how's it going?? im still stuck in a rot on the chapters
  4. to tell the truth iev been lagging, ive pretty much have the whole chapter 5,6.7 done in my head, just have to turn it to writing... but words wont seem to come out, so lately ive been lazying out
  5. hey man how's the 5th chapter of I.L.Y.N. coming along
  6. hey again, posted part of chapter 5, im planning to finish it by the end of the week, so i could start on chapter 6, since chapter 6 is the one im really waiting to write the most
  7. haha... yah when i was writing about that "guard" part kinda made me laugh and weirded out at the same time, the whole story still in its beginning phase... well actually for some reason i feel like it hasnt even begun... prolly in about 2 to 3 chapters
  8. yes I have frist off the part with the garud naked with the "play doll" both freaked me out and made me laugh at the same time. second why did you have to have dan killed? But, so far pretty good
  9. hey, posted the chapter 3 of ILYN if ur interested
  10. ohhh... i think it was experience... haha through broken heart and all that stuff, then came the title "I Love You... Not!!!" i think it was about 4 or 5 years ago, and then it just suddenly developed, thats pretty much what and how i do in my titles, it starts out as real simple story then becomes quite complicated and awesome afterwhile... but yah, im in midst of writing chapter 3, half of it is done, trying to slow down the pace thats why its taking quite awhile, but yah hope you enjoy it when it comes out
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