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  1. hoy, I'm gonna try and get ahold of you son, maybe this weekend.
  2. this site's pissed me off. It can't handle me I'm going back to asf
  3. well wat did you expect from a bunch of teenagers not all of us are as evil and menacing as the great TK so calm on lets hear your Evil ass laugh plz
  4. because there's too much love. this place has no variety. love and hate are essential for life. these people are just a bunch ignorant norms, unable to think outside the butt****ing box
  5. WHAT WHY? i know you love anime and manga and some other things but still dude why this is the only place anime and manga fans can talk about it so plz don't leave we need TK
  6. **** that ***. I'm gotta here. This board is too stuck up.
  7. hey jeff you need to join a social group so look around and find the one you want im in clan rainstorm
  8. Jeff is that you? if so pm me.....hmmmmm i hope this is jeff because i know only one TK
    if not then you die
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